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Why Easy Hai

Without a doubt this pandemic has taken a toll on each and every one of us, but it’s probably hit the adults and senior citizen population the hardest. This sudden and immediate yet almost full transfer to the virtual space for even basic necessities like ordering our day-to-day groceries online, has proven to be a massive challenge for most seniors, adding on to their worries, as many find it tough to keep up with the dynamic tech landscape.


In this modern age, as though gadget addiction wasn’t enough, now phones/tablets/PCs have transcended their original boundaries to infiltrate people’s life to a whole new extent. And the deeper the intrusion of technology, the trickier it gets for the adult population to adapt, sustain and grow.


But here we are, to say to you, let’s not be afraid of technology. Instead, let’s make it our friend. Let’s not just sustain, instead let’s thrive.


How Our Classes Work

Easy Hai boosts digital literacy through its unique and tailor-made business model - 

We do this over simple tutorials via an interactive Zoom call, where each session is divided into teaching, step by step demonstration, practical learning and problem solving.


Take a look at the latest schedule of Easy Hai to find out more on the upcoming and exciting modules!


Pick a Class / Package

With over 50 topics to choose from, we run 3 group classes daily. If that doesn't suit you, we're happy to schedule a one-on-one class for you in your preferred topic.

Make the Payment

Our classes are for just INR 150. For a set of 5 group classes, the price goes down to INR 120 per class. All modes of payment are accepted.

Attend and Learn

We teach in small groups on Zoom so that you can ask away all your doubts, even the most silliest.
And yes, we don't mind repeating till you get it. We have lots of patience :)


Our Schedule for the Week

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Easy Hai began due to a personal need when Shreya and Surbhi (sisters) noticed in their own family how all adults had the latest smartphones but barely knew how to use it. 

Easy Hai was born initially to support their own family members to be safe and wise during COVID times - by teaching how to order groceries online or help in transitioning to a cashless system to pay for utilities. But as more people started reaching out to them, they realised that this was a more prevalent problem on a much larger scale, particularly associated with the elderly, as they needed more patience, guidance, and assistance.  


The sisters recognized how impactful and positive it was to connect their elders with a young, energetic, and enthusiastic individual and the constructive outcome every learning session had on them.  After the first class, they knew they had something special to offer other adults with the same need.


They hope to bring in more exclusive and innovative courses in the future so as to convert these street-smart seniors from tech-worriers to tech-warriors.


Success Stories

Nandkumar, Trivandrum


Mohandas,  Bangalore


Chandrika, Bangalore

First of all let me thank you from my heart to cover such a difficult topic with creating interest and you have delivered with such simplicity and authenticity.

Hats off to you. My blessings are always with you all as I consider teaching is the great profession.


I am so happy that so many people took interest and have actually learned and think about if each one of them can spread this learning to even one person and then so on and on it will have a large impact on the society. Just, if they sit back with a message for a day, I am sure they will not find any urge to do the same anymore. Again it is a thrill to be the first one. Anyways , Kudos to both of you. Carry on with your good work and may you flourish in  everything.

Jayashree, Bangalore

Thanks a lot for today's session.


While a lot of youngsters don't have patience to explain and familiarise with the technology, you have been an exception.


Glad you have taken on the onus to guide us


You have the qualities of a budding entrepreneur..

You found a gap in technology training and you have set to fill in.


Keep going and wishing you a grand success.

Anuradha R, Jaipur

Finally got the hang of it! And you are a gentle teacher!

Now we just need to practice more of it to feel the ease! Actually as your tag line says...... easy hai!!! Thanks

Nandkumar, Trivandrum

Shreya, your class on fake news was very good

Kudos for the fake news episode. You're doing a great job for the nation

The session was good as there was no need of seeing tons of irrelevant news.


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